Is More Better?: Impact of Multiple Photos on Perception of Persona Profiles

In this research, we investigate if and how more photos than a single headshot can heighten the level of information provided by persona profiles. We conduct eye-tracking experiments and qualitative interviews with variations in the photos: a single headshot, a headshot and images of the persona in different contexts, and a headshot with pictures of … Read more

Confusion Prediction from Eye-Tracking Data: Experiments with Machine Learning

Predicting user confusion can help improve information presentation on websites, mobile apps, and virtual reality interfaces. One promising information source for such prediction is eye-tracking data about gaze movements on the screen. Coupled with think-aloud records, we explore if user’s confusion is correlated with primarily fixation-level features. We find that random forest achieves an accuracy … Read more

The Effect of Smiling Pictures on Perceptions of Personas. User Modelling

We analyze the effect of a smile in personas pictures on persona perceptions, including credibility, likability, similarity, and willingness to use. We conduct an online experiment with 2,400 participants using a 16-item survey and multiple persona profile treatments of which half have a smiling photo and half do not. We find that persona profiles with … Read more

The Effect of Numerical and Textual Information on Visual Engagement and Perceptions of AI-Driven Persona Interfaces

In an experiment, we present 38 marketing and data analysts professionals with two online AI-driven persona interfaces, one using numbers and the other using text. We employ eye tracking, think-aloud, and a post-engagement survey for data collection to measure perception and visual engagement with the personas along 7 constructs. Results show that the use of … Read more

Personas and Analytics: A Comparative User Study of Efficiency and Effectiveness for a User Identification Task

Personas are a well-known technique in human computer interaction. However, there is a lack of rigorous empirical research evaluating personas relative to other methods. In this 34-participant experiment, we compare a persona system and an analytics system, both using identical user data, for efficiency and effectiveness for a user identification task. Results show that personas … Read more

The Effect of Experience on Persona Perceptions

User perceptions of personas affect the adoption of personas for decision-making in real organizations. To investigate how experience affects the way an individual perceives a persona, we conduct an experimental study with individuals less and more experienced with personas. Quantitative results show that previous experience increases several important perceptions, including willingness to use, empathy, likability, … Read more

Analyzing Demographic Bias in Artificially Generated Facial Pictures

Artificial generation of facial images is increasingly popular, with machine learning achieving photo-realistic results. Yet, there is a concern that the generated images might not fairly represent all demographic groups. We use a state-of-the-art method to generate 10,000 facial images and find that the generated images are skewed towards young people, especially white women. We … Read more

Persona Analytics: Implementing Mouse-tracking for an Interactive Persona System

Observing user interactions with interactive persona systems offers important insights for the design and application of such systems. Using an interactive persona system, user behavior and interaction with personas can be tracked with high precision, addressing the scarcity of behavioral persona user studies. In this research, we introduce and evaluate an implementation of persona analytics … Read more

Picturing It!: The Effect of Image Styles on User Perceptions of Personas

Though photographs of real people are typically used to portray personas, there is little research into the potential advantages or disadvantages of using such images, relative to other image styles. We conducted an experiment with 149 participants, testing the effects of six different image styles on user perceptions and personality traits that are attributed to … Read more

Comparing Persona Analytics and Social Media Analytics for a User-Centric Task Using Eye-Tracking and Think-Aloud

We compare a data-driven persona system and an analytics system for efficiency and effectiveness for a user identification task. Findings from the 34-participant experiment show that the data-driven persona system affords faster task completion, is easier for users to engage with, and provides better user identification accuracy. Eye-tracking data indicates that the participants focus most … Read more