QRPath Insight: a Smart System for Understanding How Visitors Use Your FacilityQRPath Insight

Here is a video outlining METRIC’s new feature: QRPath Insight.

Through metric, stakeholders can establish new studies and define paths with corresponding QR codes. These QR codes are strategically positioned within the facility’s distinct areas, ensuring accurate tracking. Participants simply use their devices’ cameras to scan QR codes, &The system records the paths associated with each participant’s session ID, capturing entry, exit, and dwell times accurately.

The following are some use cases of QRPath Insight:

  1. Identifying footpaths

QRPath Insight can help facility managers or event organizers identify the most common footpaths that visitors or attendees take within a facility. Understanding footpaths helps in optimizing wayfinding signage, ensuring smoother visitor flow, and identifying potential congestion points that may require adjustments.

  1. Identifying hotspots

QRPath Insight can pinpoint areas within a facility that attract the most visitor attention and dwell time. This information is valuable for decision-making, as it helps in allocating resources to enhance or promote these hotspots, potentially increasing revenue or visitor satisfaction.

  1. Recording time spent in a given area

The system accurately records the time visitors spend in specific areas by tracking the entry and exit times when QR codes are scanned. This data can be used to assess visitor engagement with exhibits, retail displays, or other areas of interest.

Stakeholders can identify which areas have longer dwell times and which may require improvements to increase visitor engagement or encourage longer stays.

These use cases highlight the potential for QRPath Insight to provide valuable insights for various types of facilities, enhancing the visitor experience, operational efficiency, and decision-making processes.

Find out more in the video!

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