Some insights and recommendations about user studies

We have published a series of research articles examining user studies, including implementation suggestions. Some of our findings and recommendations are: Read more in these articles! Salminen, J., Sayed Kamel, A.M., Jung, S.G., Mustak, M. and Jansen, B. J. (2022) Fair compensation of crowdsourcing work: the problem of flat rates. Behaviour & Information Technology, 27 … Read more

QRPath Insight: a Smart System for Understanding How Visitors Use Your FacilityQRPath Insight

Here is a video outlining METRIC’s new feature: QRPath Insight. Through metric, stakeholders can establish new studies and define paths with corresponding QR codes. These QR codes are strategically positioned within the facility’s distinct areas, ensuring accurate tracking. Participants simply use their devices’ cameras to scan QR codes, &The system records the paths associated with … Read more

Introducing METRIC: Measuring Engagement Through Remote Interactions of Customers

Here is a video outlining some of the many features of METRIC: Breakdown of the video: 00:55 – What are user Studies  01:53 – What is METRIC 02:10 – User Study Components 03:44 – Recording Participant Engagement 05:03 – What differentiates METRIC 06:10 – Eye Tracking 07:11 – Areas of Interest 08:07 – Follow-up Surveys … Read more

Using Eye-Tracking in User Studies: Unveiling Visual Attention Patterns

Eye tracking is critical in user studies because it provides valuable insights into users’ visual attention and behavior. It allows researchers to see where the users focus their attention while interacting with their digital interfaces, products, or content. The following are reasons why eye tracking is important in user studies: Unbiased Behavioral Data: Instead of … Read more

Why are User feedback and User testing important?

User feedback and user testing play a significant role in developing and improving digital products such as websites and mobile applications as it helps businesses understand their users. Understanding people, their characteristics, capabilities, commonalities, and differences allows designers to create more effective, safer, efficient, and enjoyable systems [2]. Here are some key points on what … Read more

The Impact of AI on UX Design

Artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially transform several industries, such as the UX industry Different AI applications have the potential to handle routine, creative, analytical, and strategic processes, such as writing a script or summarising an article. Specific AI applications, such as ChatGPT, have gained widespread popularity for their intelligence and seamless conversation capabilities. How organizations … Read more