Using METRIC to Evaluate User Interactions with Images

Evaluating user interaction with images is important for online marketing, advertising, news and content creation, and webpage design. METRIC (Measuring Engagement Through Remote Interactions of Customers) provides an advanced capability to do just this! As shown in Figure 1, you can set up Areas of Interest (AOIs) via a drag-and-drop method and give each AOI … Read more

METRIC with React JS: Elevating User Engagement Analytics

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, understanding user engagement is crucial for crafting seamless and user-friendly experiences. To aid developers in this quest, METRIC, a powerful tool designed for collecting, measuring, analyzing, and reporting user engagement, has now extended its capabilities to seamlessly integrate with websites developed using React. METRIC goes beyond traditional analytics … Read more

Do you need real users in user studies, user experiments, and user surveys?

When you design user studies, user experiments, and user surveys (a.k.a. user research), there is a need to sample from the user population – that is selecting real users. Selecting real users is often considered vital for ensuring the validity, usefulness, and applicability of user research. But what are real users? Real users are participants … Read more

User Study Capabilities at the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI)

We conducted a user study this week, 22-26 January 2023, collecting eye, mouse, verbal, and survey data — all within a single system!  In case a user study is something that you or others within your organization might be interested in, reach out!  If there are research implications, we are open to collaboration. Reach out! … Read more