Actionable Data: Creating Personas from METRIC Data Analytics

Personas represent important segments of a target audience or user base, making them indispensable tools in marketing, user experience (UX) design, product development, and education. Personas in marketing help create content and campaigns specifically tailored to various client bases’ demands, preferences, and behaviors. They aid in making assessments about the user and help designers choose test … Read more

Picturing the Fictitious Person: User Perceptions of AI-generated Personas

Artificial intelligence has increasingly been leveraged to create personas in recent years, with tools like DALL-E and Midjourney generating detailed textual and visual representations. However, a recent study, Picturing the Fictitious Person: An Exploratory Study on the Effect of Images on User Perceptions of AI-generated Personas, has provided intriguing insights into the relative importance of … Read more

Business Analytics With METRIC

Achieving exponential growth is an obvious goal for many businesses, especially for return on investment. But in order to achieve this growth, businesses constantly seek ways to improve and keep track of their customer experience. It’s no wonder so many businesses hire external analytic teams, turn to online analytic tools, or invest in in-house data … Read more

QR Codes: What Are They and How Do They Actually Work?

Restaurants, museums, and themes are just a few places where you’ve probably seen QR codes. Most people can relate to having to scan a QR code to access the menu or Wi-Fi of a restaurant or cafe, especially after the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. QR codes are convenient and seemingly simple, but how do they actually … Read more

Integrated Marketing Courses with METRIC

Did you know the global advertising industry is worth over 500 billion US dollars as of 2023? However, not all ads are successful. Not all advertisers implement proper marketing strategies or hire marketing specialists to handle this for them. It is a shame because this would save them more money as they would spend less … Read more

Spyware? Deconstructing 3 Myths About Eye Tracking

With the rise of the use of eye tracking in fields such as medical and psychological research, marketing research, and human-computer interaction studies, skepticism and conspiracy theories about the study method are unavoidable. So let’s deconstruct some of these myths and theories. 1. Eye tracking gear does more than track eyes To dispel this myth, … Read more

Choosing Your Study Participants: The Importance of Segmentation

Customer/audience segmentation is one of the most important parts of marketing user studies, but what is the best way to go about this process? A 2022 research study found that researchers frequently do not define their study participants in adequate detail, which is a disconcerting finding. Best practices will advise you to focus on segmentation … Read more

The Impact of AI on UX Design

Artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially transform several industries, such as the UX industry Different AI applications have the potential to handle routine, creative, analytical, and strategic processes, such as writing a script or summarising an article. Specific AI applications, such as ChatGPT, have gained widespread popularity for their intelligence and seamless conversation capabilities. How organizations … Read more