Which Message? Which Channel? Which Customer?: Exploring Response Rates in Multi-Channel Marketing Using Short Form Advertising

Formulating short form advertising messages with little ad content that work and choosing high-performing channels to disseminate them are persistent challenges in multichannel marketing. Drawing on the persuasive systems design model, we conducted an experiment with 33,848 actual customers of an international telecom company. In a real-life setting, we compared the effectiveness of three persuasion … Read more

Using Artificially Generated Pictures in Customer-facing Systems: An Evaluation Study with Data-Driven Personas

We conduct two studies to evaluate the suitability of artificially generated facial pictures for use in a customer-facing system using data-driven personas. STUDY 1 investigates the quality of a sample of 1,000 artificially generated facial pictures. Obtaining 6,812 crowd judgments, we find that 90% of the images are rated medium quality or better. STUDY 2 … Read more

Can Unhappy Pictures Enhance the Effect of Personas? A User Experiment

There has been little research into whether a persona’s picture should portray a happy or unhappy individual. We report a user experiment with 235 participants, testing the effects of happy and unhappy image styles on user perceptions, engagement, and personality traits attributed to personas using a mixed-methods analysis. Results indicate that the participant’s perceptions of … Read more