METRIC: Measuring Engagement Through Real Interactions of Customers
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Unlock customer insights,
make better product decisions

Wave goodbye to time-consuming user research and embrace quicker
insights to constantly enhance your product designs.

A tool designed for online user studies, enabling organizations
to collect, measure, analyze, and report participant engagements

Eye Hit

What coordinates (x, y) did the customer look at and in what order?

Mouse Click

Where the user clicked, and how many times?


What elements did the customer mouse hover over?

Eye Gaze

At what screen elements did the customer gaze?

Mouse Hit

How many times did the user move the mouse? and in what order??

Sub-element/Area of Interest

What sub-element or area of interest did the user’s mouse or eye hit and how long did the interaction happen?

Supports physical and remote user studies

METRIC works both physically and remotely. Physical studies use an eye tracker, while remote studies rely on webcams. Remote user studies provide global insights, access to more customers, and cost-effective usability testing.

Quick and Easy to Use

Setting up a user study on Metric is easy and intuitive with just a few steps. You can recruit participants using a single link, avoiding the time-consuming and costly traditional methods involving physical spaces and in-person sessions.

Get behavioral and attitudinal insights in one user study

METRIC records behavioral data, including eye tracking, clicks, mouse moves, and scroll data, observing user behavior directly. It also collects attitudinal data through surveys using standard platforms like Google Forms, Survey Monkey, and Qualtrics.

Get insightful reports in seconds

METRIC will provide reports based on participants' responses, including the self-reporting of users' opinions. This visualizes the results for the organization/ researcher in order to automatically gain insights and turn them into actions.

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